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Who we surround ourselves with in business matters.  To offer Protego clients the highest possible level of service, protection, and opportunity, we believe that our allied professionals must also be the best of the best.  Our skill to identify, vet, and manage a true A-team is unrivaled and is reflected in the quality of our service providers.  Each of these firms has been purposefully selected for their absolute best-in-class service, expertise, and commitment.  While our clients may choose their own service group, the Protego Team is always available on a priority basis for our owners. 


If you would like a personal introduction, just ask - our team is your team or click the logo for their contact information.


Of all the tools in the Protego arsenal, our property management software is most important.  We are proud of our partnership with DoorLoop, offering the very best in operation, adaptability, and security.  Like Protego, it's a new provider custom-crafted for today's market using the latest technology, current accounting & reporting, and remarkable ease of use.

Legal Counsel


Attorneys are not created equal.  York Howell & Guymon is recognized as a leader in real estate law and we deal directly with the partners.  Having top legal counsel is key to protecting our clients and assuring our methodology and practice is always the best it can be.

Our principals have a long relationship with Morley & Berrett and they serve as our advisors for everything that impacts our clients' bottom line. They are a highly respected and established firm with deep roots in Utah with a solid understanding of our business. Every aspect of our financial protocol has been checked and is regularly reviewed to assure our clients' money is safe and accounted for.

Real Estate Brokerage

Property managers are licensed by the State of Utah and our licensing is under Spark Commercial, a subsidiary of Spark Real Estate of Utah.  Spark is a full-service brokerage offering commercial, residential, investment, and advisory services throughout Utah.

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Allied Professionals

Having access to a high-quality allied professionals is critical for the best management services.  Protego vets each provider carefully and maintains a solid back up for every category.

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