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Protego Commercial Property Management has crafted a new integration platform with the CRE brokerage community.  By outsourcing all brokerage activities, we insure that our owners have the best person for each job.  We believe that sales and leasing are best handled by someone working specifically in that career with the resources of a firm in that business behind them, and this allows us to focus on our own area of expertise: insuring our clients' properties are given the best possible care.


We respect in-bound referrals from the brokerage community and offer a written commitment to protect client relationships.  If a broker refers a management client, they can also allow us to place the leasing account with a preferred partner and we will coordinate referral fees for them, including renewal and sale fees, for the life of our management contract.

Protego also works actively with brokers by providing marketing assistance, financial data and analysis, and by being a value-add partner when brokers seek new business.  For owners, our unique partnership means more frequent real-time feedback on tenants, property condition, and market position.  

Call us today to learn more about how working with Protego can help your brokerage business.

Click here to see the Protego Broker Referral Structure & Guarantee.

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