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demographic | psychographic analysis.

Protego has a wide variety of powerful tools to evaluate your retail project and to find ways to increase its vibrancy and success - which leads to better tenants, retention and cash flow.  High on the list are a group of studies that deal with the attributes and habits of your most likely patrons.  We begin with a detailed trade area analysis that will define first where your tenants' customers are coming from.  We use computer modeling based on drive-time analysis, walkability scores, and personal observation/interviews.  Once our model is complete, we use highly sophisticated software to examine the nature of the residents of your trade area.  This includes not only the makeup of the area (things like age, education, marital status, etc.) but also their spending habits as a group, and a detailed look into which retail categories are most under or over served in your trade area. 


This report can then be shared with your tenants to help them better understand how to make the most of their marketing, exposure, co-tenancy, etc.  Some work samples are available below, but our final reports are proprietary and available by direct request only.


Talk to your Protego Advisor to see if a demographic | psychographic analysis is right for your project.

sample drive-time analysis

sample walkability report

sample trade area map

sample demograpic report

sample psychograpic report

sample retail expenditures report

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