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legacy planning integration.

Of all the custom services we offer, we believe this to be the most important.  Just because a project is well managed on a day-to-day basis does not mean that it is well positioned to serve the long-term goals of the owner.  Example: An office building is consistently fully leased at market rents and has great curb appeal.  It's primary operating partner unexpectedly passes away and leaves a structure with internal systems at the end of their service life.  The surviving spouse is suddenly faced with an urgent six figure repair bill without adequate reserves to pay for it.  

With the vast majority of commercial and investment real estate in the U.S. held by Baby Boomers who are starting to age out of active property involvement, this is becoming all too common.  At Protego, we will use our expertise in concert with your tax, legal, and wealth management team to help you make the best possible decisions today for tomorrow.


Talk to your Protego Advisor to explore your options.

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