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the Protego white glove on-boarding process.

When we enter into a new management agreement, we do so with the assumption that we will work with that client indefinitely.  To create this solid, lasting, and mutually beneficial foundation requires special attention in how we on-board our clients.  Our process is comprehensive in financial analysis, property familiarization, tenant introductions, interviews, reporting set up, and owner legacy planning needs.

We begin with our proprietary online Client Interview followed up with a one-on-one interview.  We build a detailed profile based on your expectations (so we can exceed them), your goals (so we can help you get there), and your favored communication method, timing, and process. 

Next, we accumulate your project documentation, including leases, financials, contracts, inspections, permits, etc.  All documents are scanned/uploaded and archived into a high-security cloud-based repository where you can access them anytime, anywhere.  We carefully evaluate each item so we know your project not only today but also have some historical sense of its operation.

A detailed site visit follows, usually with our professional inspector who provides a written analysis of property condition, systems, etc.  We connect with every tenant, introduce ourselves, and lightly interview them to find out how they are doing in your property.

Any service providers that might remain active on your project (leasing team, landscape, janitorial, etc.) are contacted and introduced to the Protego App and its use, and our approach to the property, etc.

Finally, we compile our report with our recommendations for your project including repairs, improvements, service provider changes, etc.  

Cost for on-boarding varies by project and inclusions - Contact your Protego Advisor to receive a custom proposal.

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