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our story.

Protego Commercial Property Management was created in Salt Lake City as the brainchild of Graig Griffin, SIOR, one of the nation's top-producing commercial real estate brokers.  He saw a critical need for a new type of property management company that offered services more in tune with today's market, technology, and client trajectory.  With the vast majority of U.S. commercial and investment real estate held by the Baby Boomer generation, wise owners today are looking for more than just day-to-day services for their assets.  Real estate is typically problematic for many wealth managers, financial planners, and similar consultants because of the highly varied nature of real estate (product types, location/jurisdiction, local economic factors, etc.).


We saw an opportunity to provide our clients with something truly unique and necessary - commercial property management done with the perspective of an asset manager by a company built from scratch to not only offer best-of-class real-time services, but also the ability to interface with your team and advise on:

  • Legacy Planning Aspects

  • Market Cycle Placement

  • Property Repositioning and Redevelopment

  • Tenant Mix Analysis and Optimization

  • Property Team Evaluation and Selection

As we created Protego, we spent a lot of time looking at what was currently available.  We were shocked to find very few firms even mentioning a forward-looking perspective, let alone a menu of services that a smart owner could utilize.  We also found great disconnect between the various professionals that impact a client's property decisions.  In the words of founder Graig Griffin:

"In my 35 years of CRE business comprising literally billions of dollars in transactions, I have never had a single property manager proactively contact me to discuss a property or owner's needs.  Often, I was the person most intimate with the property, who spent the most time there, who knew how the tenants were feeling, what other agents were saying about the site, etc.  What a waste of valuable information."

At Protego, we are passionate about helping our clients not only operate their assets to their best potential, we are committed to helping gather information so that decisions are made with the collective wisdom of a truly awesome team.  Call us today to find out how we can help you make the most of your real estate investments.


Graig Griffin, SIOR

Graig has unsurpassed experience in the real estate industries.  He has worked as a broker, developer, investor, and real estate office owner and manager for 35 years, completing over $3 billion in personal transactions, including averaging over $100 million for 20 consecutive years.  He grew up in Las Vegas, attended the University of Texas at Austin, and worked in urban planning which introduced him to development.  He has experience in just about every area of real estate including; residential, commercial & investment, mixed-use, ranch & water rights, development, luxury & resort, and independent fee-based consulting. He owns Bright Sky Partners, a development and investment firm and is the Managing Partner of Spark Realty, a full-service real estate brokerage serving all of Utah.

Graig serves as counsel to the Protego team, and serves as interface with the brokerage community.

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