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the Protego app.

When we created Protego, we realized that much of the valuable perspective on a given property was being lost through lack of communication.  As we researched processes at various management firms, we decided that we wanted to completely reinvent the process using technology to capture information in real time for our clients.

Introducing the Protego App.  Simple, easy to use (maybe even fun), and available only to Protego clients, tenants, and service providers.  

The Protego App connects all parties to the property manager instantly.  If a landscaper notices that there is a broken window, he can click a button and notify us that we need to investigate. If a tenant has a broken water line, she can alert us instantly so we can begin repairs.  Our app logs each communication with date and time, who submitted the request, and our response time. Clients will have access to a private dash board where they can see any activity made through the app, and its report is submitted to our clients along with the monthly reporting they have requested.

The Protego App is anticipated to be live May 15, 2020.  Call us to find out how the Protego App can help your asset perform better.

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