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Protego (prō-tay-gō) - Latin. to Cover, Protect.



Protego Commercial Property Management brings a new level of talent, technology, and service to Northern Utah. Combining the expertise of a team including a nationally recognized Wall Street consultant, a top U.S. commercial real estate broker, and commercial real estate professionals from a variety of backgrounds, Protego offers a high-level asset management perspective in combination with best-in-class real-time property services.

We offer a truly unique approach, integrating our allied professionals in a more informative, cohesive, and outcome-driven system that gives our clients the ability to make better decisions today and for tomorrow.  

  • We believe that the quality of our business is driven by the quality of our questions and our ability to listen. By asking the right things and working to truly hear our clients, we are able to deliver legendary service.


  • We believe that every owner deserves the best possible service, regardless of property size and have crafted Protego from scratch to deliver exactly that.

  • We believe that our allied professionals know their fields best and have assembled a true Tier 1 group of companies to assist our clients.

  • We believe that commercial property management should be dynamic, engaged, and operate in a consultative manner.

With this spirit in mind, we invite you to find out how we can forever change the way you look at property management.



Our philosophy is this: offer true mastery of the basics then add the best array of options available in the marketplace.  Our asset management perspective enjoins what your property needs today with your long term goals for your family.  Using this approach, we can legitimately move the needle in the performance of your portfolio by mitigating risk and increasing yield. Lastly, our team is comprised of experts who are hand-selected for their commitment to excellence, deep expertise, and who are just plain great to work with.

Standard Services


Annual CAM reconciliations

Management of capital improvement projects*

Maintenance monitoring

Regular property inspections

Contractor supervision

Annual budget forecasts and monthly/YTD

actual income/expense reconciliation

Annual review of third party contracts

Seasonal preparation

Protego Custom Services

the Protego white glove on-boarding process

When we partner with a new client, we execute thoughtful and comprehensive process to insure we know you, your property, and its place in the market.  Click here to learn more.

Fee Structure

Our commercial property management fees are based on a percentage of the gross revenue generated by the asset.  This percentage is determined by many data points and can vary from project to project.  These parameters include but are not limited to:

  • Size of Property, Number of Tenants

  • Location, Property Type

  • Age/Complexity of Improvements

  • Common Area Administration

We are also flexible and will work with clients to meet their needs and formulate a fee structure that is appropriate for the property which may include a minimum, maximum or flat fee structure.   Talk to your Protego Advisor to discuss a structure that meets your needs.


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Individual and Company Memberships.


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